Into the abyss...



The words from my mouth
Fly right over your head
Are you listening to what I’m saying?
Did you hear what I just said?

It’s like talking to a wall
But a wall would do more good
You are supposed to be my friend
But you aren’t doing what you could.

Ignorance is not an excuse
It is you that has failed to see
These past few years have been really hard
I can’t be how you want me to be.

Not everything is about you
I am slowly fading out
I keep trying to keep up with you
But am failing without a doubt.

If you would just open your mind
And listen to what I have to say
Our friendship could be like it was
And forever it could stay.

But until the day comes
When you open your mind
You will keep running ahead
Leaving me behind…

Written by xdysphoric-me

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This could end badly.

This could end badly.

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Things you’ll never understand.

Images so dark
Dwell inside my mind
Things I want so badly to forget
But can’t seem to leave behind.

They haunt me when I’m sleeping
They are there when I awake
They follow me wherever I go
I’m not sure how much more I can take.

Sometimes I wish I felt nothing
Sometimes I feel it would be best
If I could be numb to all these feelings
Finally giving my soul a rest.

I have become my worst enemy
Creating all my own fears
Constantly being terrorized
By my own thoughts over the years.

I wish that I could escape
But there’s nowhere for me to hide
Nowhere that I can run to
It will always be there by my side…

Written by xdysphoric-me

— 11 months ago
#poem  #sadness  #depression  #loneliness